Parent Coaching

Why is it that everything you have learned hasn’t worked when you tried it with your own child or teenager?  You’re no doubt confused and understandably frustrated.  You need input, direction and a new approach – a different strategy. You’re seeking guidance, support, or a second opinion. And you need it fast! Our focus is working with you, the parent, on your perspective, behavior and reactions in order to change the parent/child dynamic.

Whether you’re a single mom or dad for the first time, struggling with different parenting styles with your mate, experiencing behavior problems or relational issues. Please know there is help. There are resources, tools, and support right here for you. And together we can find the right solutions that work for you and your family.

If your child’s behavioral issues are negatively affecting your family, you’ve probably already read books or even attended parenting classes for answers. Unfortunately you may still feel that nothing has improved. Healthy parents know when they need help and ask for it. Having a qualified, professional perspective of your typical parenting dynamics can help you meet, work through, and get past relational barriers with your child.

Through Parent Coaching I will give you sound parenting resources and useful tools designed specifically to work within your family and its unique relational patterns. You will gain detailed direction towards handling and positively adjusting your child’s individual behavioral challenges and their impact on your family dynamic.

Parent coaching focuses on the present, not the past. My process is client centered. We will work on identifying your goals, moving forward, changing behaviors and removing the obstacles that are keeping you from being the kind of parent you want to be.

Together we will increase your parenting confidence, uncover and work to eliminate emotional barriers, strengthen relationships, and help you improve your family’s overall functioning.

With more than 20 years of situational and professional experience including child protection, counseling to children, crisis intervention, parenting support, special education assessments and services as well as behavior management consulting for teachers, she will offer you a new perspective on your current parenting struggles. Together we will help improve your relationship with your child and find the right solutions for your child’s behavioral issues. And along the way,  we will increase your ability to  handle your child’s specific behaviors as they occur.

If you’re ready to reduce your family’s stress level and to begin experiencing life more fully, call for a free parenting consultation. I work with parents who have children of all ages.