"The wound is the place where the Light enters you. "

- Rumi

EMDR/Trauma Counseling

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Parent Coaching

Why is it that everything you have learned hasn’t worked when you tried it with your own child or teenager?  You’re no doubt confused and understandably frustrated.  You need input, direction and a new approach – a different strategy. You’re seeking guidance, support, or a second opinion. And you need it fast! Our focus is working with you, the parent, on your perspective, behavior and reactions in order to change the parent/child dynamic.

Individual Therapy (16+)

It’s a common experience among individuals to seek the benefits of counseling. We have the ability to address concerns specific to an individuals stage in life—teens, 20-somethings and adults. Many find a path to healing and relief through a relationship with a counselor and others find it completely transformative. Together we can give you the hope, help and healing you want and deserve.