Perhaps you’re in college and contemplating your career and the rest of your life? Are you feeling CONFUSED? Or you’re nervous about landing the right job or making the right choice for your next step? STRESSED? Maybe you’re struggling with finances for the first time being independent? WORRIED? Or striving for a healthy relationship? FEELING HOPELESS or FRUSTRATED?

Whatever your situation may be, your twenties are a time of self-discovery, self-awareness and acceptance and  CHANGE!

Undoubtedly, it seems that change is the only constant in your life.

The key is knowing that what you’re feeling is not uncommon and that you are not alone. This will not last forever. And you can – and will – feel better. Together we can help you find your way through to a happier, healthier you.

My highly specialized practice provides tailored, meaningful therapy designed specifically for you as a young adult and your unique struggles at this stage in your life. I will work together with you to help build a more comfortable, balanced and confident emotional set-point while giving you the tools to help create and sustain health and happiness in your life and your relationships.

Many clients I see come seeking professional counseling regarding a wide variety of concerns including:

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • sexual, physical, or emotional abuse,
  • social isolation,
  • teen friendships/bullying/dating,
  • teen parenting, teen pregnancy counseling and support,
  • low energy,
  • panic attacks,
  • trauma or other stressors,
  • self sufficiency-or independent living development,
  • divorce, conflict with parents, step-family blending issues
  • low self esteem,
  • mood swings,
  • oppositional or angry behaviors and
  • relational and attachment issues.