Lauren Shelton, LCSW, LAC

Sometimes in our lives we experience difficult things and need help to understand how these experiences have impacted us. You may find yourself dealing with anxiety, depression, difficulty with relationships, or having trouble kicking an unhealthy habit. My passion is to help clients gain meaning from these experiences and finding helpful ways to view and cope with their situations. We all have our weeds, but through changing the way that we experience these ‘weeds’, we can change them into wildflowers.

I specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions. I am working towards my certification in EMDR, which is a therapy that can be used for a variety of mental health issues and can be extremely helpful when someone feels stuck with traditional therapy types. I also utilize ACT and CBT.

I am a dual licensed clinician. This means that I have further specific training in addictions, as well as trauma. I have been utilizing EMDR in my practice for the last four years and have found it to be a very useful tool for many clients.