Client Testimonials

To respect and maintain client confidentiality and privacy, all names and other potentially identifying information have been changed.

“I orginally sought out Sue to help work through a horrible accident I was in. Through her guidance and work with EMDR it improved every aspect of my life; relationships, work and all over anxiety levels. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.”

-K.C., Denver, CO

“I am an educated professional. I work with kids. I know kids. I have two kids. I have worked with kids in numerous professional capacities. I am not at all embarrassed to admit that when my 4 year old daughter’s temper tantrums continued to increase with intensity and duration, I realized that all my skill and knowledge was not working for her benefit or my own? I found myself confused and increasingly frustrated that my previously perfected parenting skills were not working? Why? Somehow what I had done with my older son, with other children in my work, was not working with my own daughter? I definitely noticed how our relationship began to change for the worse. How could this be?

[Your] non judgmental, compassionate, and supportive style encouraged me to look into my ‘tried and true’ practices and parenting skills, and myself, and gave me permission to ‘look outside the box’ and try some truly alternative methods that I, quite honestly, would not have thought of myself. And they helped.

“Just a few suggestions about how to speak with her differently before and during her tantrums, and ideas about when, and how to respond to her tantrums with my actions and behaviors made a significant difference in her behavior. My daughter’s tantrums have dramatically lessened both in intensity and duration, and have occurred far less frequently. They used to be daily and now they occur once a week or less. My responses to her tantrums and the fear of anticipation of them have changed completely! We are both a lot less angry these days.

“These changes in her behavior (and mine) have absolutely changed the nature of our relationship for the better. It is fair to say that her tantrums had begun to negatively affect all our interactions because my anticipated fear of her tantrums and anger afterward had continued to grow with every tantrum. This has all changed now. I am really glad I was able to look beyond what I already knew and ask for help. I think this makes me an even better parent than I already was. And, I think my little girl would agree.”

T. D., Denver, Colorado
Divorced mother of two; girl, 4 and boy, 8

“Your coaching has helped our family tremendously! I am more firm with the kids, which has led me to be more consistent – if I state a consequence, I follow through swiftly, which makes the misbehavior last a lot less time than in the past. I’m also more calm and confident – I haven’t yelled at anyone since you met with us.

Our mornings have been magically transformed thanks to your advice! I made the kids a checklist of their morning responsibilities. Now in the mornings I wake them up, and let them know when it is 8:15 (the time breakfast should be over), and they do the rest. I don’t have to remind them of their responsibilities at all! The kids love having their own responsibilities. I really think they love knowing what is expected of them and being able to take full responsibility. Instead of me yelling at them – because I’ve asked them to brush their teeth for the 3rd time. I’ll find each one in a quiet area of the house double checking their list to make sure they got all of their check marks, and they proudly come to me to show me they got all their checks without any reminders. E has even added some responsibilities to her list – set the table, help out, and cook dinner.

All of the kids are speaking and acting more respectfully. E has not rolled her eyes at me and M’s behavior at home and school have completely changed. She isn’t even hoarding things and we’re not fighting about sugar any more. Since we got a lot of candy from Easter, M will look for an after school snack and come to me with a small handful of jelly beans and ask “is this too much candy” or “if I eat this much candy, can I have some more for dessert?” She is working on self-regulation, instead of plotting how she can get an unlimited supply of candy. I really appreciate your help with our family. I expect that we’ll be calling you again in the future, and even that feels so comforting to know that I have such a talented and skilled resource to help me on this journey of parenting.”

C. G., Denver, Colorado Mother of three

“Hi Moms, I want to share a wonderful parenting resource with you – the Denver Parenting Coach. I was really struggling with my kids, and many of the resources I tried weren’t working. Sue came into our home, did an hour and a half observation of our interactions as a family, then met with me and my husband for an hour and half to review what she observed and gave us some tools to address the behaviors. She identified the major issue that was causing most of my struggles – I hadn’t recognized it, but as soon as she pointed it out, it totally fit. And then gave us two tools to use to address the situation. Her advice is still working. She is a great resource to support families.”

C.G, Denver, Colorado
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“I often reach into the bag of tricks you gave me when dealing with the girls. My serious discipline voice is now up to par. The girls even ask, “Daddy mad?”  I just tell them “No, but I’m serious and I need you to listen.” They are so big now, you wouldn’t believe it.”

P. D., Denver, CO
Divorced father of twin girls
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Email from parent coaching clients to their friends:
“Hi all: I’ve been meaning to pass on the info about [Susan Weinstein] the parenting coach I am using. She has been EXTREMELY helpful. We started using her because we could see issues between L and J. In our description…L was misbehaving and ‘bullying’ J. alot. J was simply pulling away and not wanting to have ANYTHING to do with L  or acting out with physical anger. Both girls were fighting for our attention every second they could. It was exhausting to R and I. She [Sue] came in to our house and first observed all of the interactions for 2 hours. Then she set up a separate meeting outside of the house to discuss her findings. She had pegged each one of our personalities and how we were all contributing to the issue. She started us with a lot of ideas on how to change the dynamic. We implemented her ideas and experienced a change in the girl’s relationship with each other within a day. It was truly amazing. We now use her bi-weekly to weekly to continue solving parenting issues. She works with allsorts of issues. I’m attaching her website in case you’re interested….we highly recommend her – she is well worth our time and money……….”

R. & D. W. Denver, CO
Parents of two girls, ages 5 and 9
Email from parent coaching clients to their friends